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Watch the mysterious trailer for Black Mirror’s Metalhead

In the fifth trailer for Charlie Brooker’s chilling near-future show, a dangerous dog roams free

The fifth Black Mirror episode in the show’s fourth season has dropped – in the freaky visual, Maxine Peake is trying to escape something that could only really be some kind of vicious robot dog. The trailer was released as part of Netflix’s “13 Days of Black Mirror”, which will run until December 6. 

In the mysterious, black and white trailer for Metalhead, Peake’s character is on the run. She calls out for “anyone” on her walkie talkie and says that “we found a dog at the warehouse. We’ve lost him for now, but my guess is it’s still operational”. She fears that she “might not make it back”, and we see the “dog” running around from a distance. The episode is in total black and white, a new venture for the series, but the colour palette seems to reflect the dark and disturbing dystopia we’re heading into.

The trailer for Metalhead is just the latest from Brooker’s upcoming show, which doesn’t currently have an airdate. As well as Metalhead, we’ve seen inside the unsettling, not-far-away-from-our-own worlds of Hang the DJ, Black Museum, Crocodile, and Arkangel. The episode is written by Charlie Brooker, with David Slade (of Breaking Bad and American Gods) directing.