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Babadook and pennywise

Internet decides the Babadook and IT’s Pennywise are dating

Meet the latest LGBT power couple

He was a shapeshifting demon taking on the guise of a clown to murder kids. He was an indie Australian horror movie monster that manifested from an evil children’s book. And now, the internet is shipping them – IT’s Pennywise and the Babadook – as a new LGBT power couple yes Baba.

Love for the blossoming cross-horror film relationship seems to have escalated rapidly – according to Gay Star News, it all kicked off when a Twitter user received angry messages from another user for claiming that Pennywise was an LGBT ally.

“Pennywise and his boyfriend the Babadook are offended by you sir,” @starkrhodey said in response to the homophobic DMs.

Since then there’s been lots of fan art and lovely queer storytelling that sees Pennywise and Babadook have a cute lil Halloween wedding.

The Babadook from the similarly named horror film catapulted to LGBT icon-status after Netflix, for some reason, put the film in their LGBT category. Quickly, the community embraced their terrifying-but-still-getting-it new member: queer Babadook fan art and memes appeared everywhere, and the creature made an appearance at several Pride celebrations.

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