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David Bowie Twin Peaks
David Bowie as Phillip Jeffries, in a deleted scene from Fire Walk With Me (1992)via Twin Peaks wikia

David Bowie’s character makes appearance on new Twin Peaks

The FBI agent Phillip Jeffries came back to the reboot in a dream sequence

The latest episode of Twin Peaks has paid tribute to David Bowie, with a dedication to the late star. Rumours swirled that the Starman had possibly filmed scenes for David Lynch’s reboot prior to his death in 2016; instead, the show has brought the singer back with original footage of Bowie as FBI agent Phillip Jeffries in a dream sequence. 

The scene shows Gordon Cole (show director and co-creator David Lynch) recount a dream to Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer). The dream sequence features footage of Bowie from his original part in the prequel Fire Walk With Me from 1992. Bowie made a very brief appearance in the film as the long lost FBI agent Phillip Jeffries, suddenly appearing after a two-year disappearance to talk about a mysterious woman called Judy, before exiting just as quickly. It’s one of the more memorable (and weird) scenes in the film, as who could expect much else from a union of creative legend Lynch and the Thin White Duke.

The Missing Pieces, a feature-length compilation of deleted and extended scenes from the original show and the film, includes more clips of Jeffries. He’s shown in a hotel in Buenos Aires and the FBI office in Philadelphia, before he (legit) teleports back to Argentina, where he’s seen in intense distress. You can watch some of these deleted scenes here

Actor Harry Goaz, who plays Andy Brennan, told press in May this year that Bowie had been set to reprise his role in the Twin Peaks update, and had been in talks to shoot scenes before he passed away. 

The show so far has featured other musician guests such as Sky Ferreira, Hudson Mohawke and Nine Inch Nails. TV network Showtime recently relayed that no talks had taken place with Lynch about a second season, and Lynch has denied extending it any further.

You can catch up on the latest episode on Hulu here, and watch a clip of Bowie playing Phillip Jeffries in the Fire Walk With Me film below.