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David Bowie Twin Peaks

Will David Bowie turn up in the new Twin Peaks?

Hints have cropped up that the late star, who played Agent Phillip Jeffries, could be making an appearance

Twin Peaks is the town where the weirdest, most sinisterly beautiful and out there things happen, and theories from across the internet are hypothesizing that the late icon David Bowie could be making another cameo.

With the reboot debuting on our screens at the weekend (May 21), there have been multiple references to Bowie’s character, who made an appearance in the film prequel Fire Walk With Me in 1992. Bowie played Phillip Jeffries, an FBI agent.

In one scene, Bob Cooper thinks he’s talking to Jeffries on a piece of communications equipment, although the voice sounds different from Bowie’s Southern twang he used in the film, and Cooper seems suspicious. In another, Cooper tells David Lynch’s gent Gordon Cole that he’s been working undercover with Jeffries. Albert (played by the late Miguel Ferrer) also tells Cooper he’s been speaking with Jeffries.

“I authorised Phillip to get Cooper some information,” Albert says about info that gets someone killed.

“Phillip's been off the radar for years,” Cole responds, confused.

As Mashable reports, the Twin Peaks return was filmed before Bowie’s death in January 2016. Though he kept his illness quiet, he was battling cancer. Harry Goaz, who plays Deputy Andy Brennan, told the Dallas Morning News previously that Bowie was meant to be on set, but ending up not coming. It’s uncertain whether he was too ill at this stage, or finishing his final album Blackstar.

As Twin Peaks was filmed from September 2015 to April 2016, there may have been time for Bowie to work with Lynch. The director and co-creator of the show was able to shoot scenes with Catherine Coulson (Log Lady) prior to her own death in September 2015.

Right now it’s just a theory, but something’s not as it seems with the strange emergence of Phillip Jeffries. In the meantime, rewatch his part in Fire Walk With Me below, and read how the Lynchian film could influence the reboot here.

via Mashable