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Camilla Bruerberg

The Norwegian designer specialising in menswear takes on knits in frayed wool and sheer pieces for Vauxhall Fashion Scout this season

Camilla Bruerberg is a Norwegian menswear designer who founded her label C/BRUERBERG in 2010 at Oslo Fashion Week. Her latest collection, SOUP, uses a variety of different materials to create pieces focused on the fusion of knit and digital print. The label is garnering attention in Norway and Camilla is now focused on making an imprint on London. On February 23rd, she took part in Vauxhall Fashion Scout's showcase ‘Ones to Watch MEN’ where she presented a collection of sheer knitted pieces which included horizontal banding and crochet, the models wore crazy head pieces and scarves made of threaded, frayed wool in orange, green and mustard. Dazed Digital caught up with Camilla to find out a bit more about the collection and her future plans and aspirations.

Dazed Digital: What is the collection SOUP about?
Camilla Bruerberg: SOUP is about childhood and play, together with details and fragments of grown up life.

DD: Tell me about the prints you used.
Camilla Bruerberg: The prints for this collection were inspired from the obvious contrasts between 2D and 3D. Sneakers have actually been the startingpoint for many shapes and prints. Also simple hand drawn details have been magnified and mixed with different textiles.

DD: What about the different textiles?
Camilla Bruerberg: The textiles in aw2011 are still focused around wool and silk, but mixed together with nylon, cupro, reflex materials, and new is the printed leather. Wool bouclé yarn in combination with transparent knit have been important.

DD: The label was only founded last year, how has it progressed since then?
Camilla Bruerberg: Though very young, the label has gotten very positive feedback in Norway. It seems like people were ready for something new in the menswear department. It is, of course, not clothes for the everyday Norwegian man, but I like the tempo it's going in now, and am looking forward to the response from London.

DD: How does Oslo influence your work? 
Camilla Bruerberg: I think that being a bit outside the loop of the more intense trend centers gives us a unique opportunity to create something different. For me, Oslo gives a good mix of nature, urban life, people and not to forget weather.

DD: What inspires you?
Camilla Bruerberg: My biggest source of inspiration comes from people and how we interact with each other, and how this interaction leads to new ideas and thoughts. I'm very inspired by people who find their own paths in life, wether it's doing something creative or not. We only live ones, you can't let other people decide what's best for you.

DD: What are you most excited for in the future?
Camilla Bruerberg: Right now I'm very excited about showing this collection, hoping it will result in some new doors opening.