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Calvin Klein Collection Menswear A/W11

Of course, minimal cuts and stripped down details alongside functional roll-necks and blazers ruled the show

As always, Italo Zucchelli's vision for Calvin Klein Collection was simple, plain and straight forward. Using minimal cuts and stripped down details, Zucchelli instead drew out attention to the silhouette of his Autumn Winter collection. Focused on green, khaki, grey, brown black, we saw a collection cropped but voluminous bomber jackets. Roll necks, often in red or blue, functioned as an understated substitute to shirt and ties, and we got padded and belted nylon rain coats instead of trenches. In a sort of 'bigger is better' mantra, Zucchelli made his felt trousers extra loose and as a break with his more neutral colour palette he finally showed strong electric blues and bright reds. This was another directional but fully functional outing from Calvin Klein's menswear arm.

Dazed Digital: There a lot of big, round and over sized shapes in the show, what were you going for? 
Italo Zucchelli: I wanted a sense of protection and that helped me create these hyper padded pieces that are very protective for the body, hence the round shapes on jackets and coats, but also a few trousers...

DD: Tell me about the suit fabrics...
Italo Zucchelli: Some of them were overcoat fabrics so instead of wearing a coat you can wear a blazer!

DD: You used a few very strong colours...
Italo Zucchelli: Yes, blue and red. I always like to put some strong colours in the collection, they are very graphic - they all belong to the language of the brand. When I use colours I like to use strong and powerful ones.

DD: Is there a look that that stands out to you?
Italo Zucchelli: I really like the hyper padded rain coat with a belt!

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