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Rag & Bone Menswear A/W11

The NYC-based Brit duo went back to their roots for a Duke of Windsor-inspired collection full of kilts, tartans and baseball jackets

Rag & Bone partners David Neville and Marcus Wainwright kicked off their busy day (they showed both menswear and womenswear within a few hours) with a stellar R&B performance heavily influenced by their UK heritage and love of British game keeping gear. Not that that it was all about tweed and brogues - the design duo had cleverly incorporated the aesthetic of their current NYC home and made the collection fully streetwear approved. Tartan was everywhere though, and a few kilts had snuck in. Wide trousers dominated the bottom half silhouette, but they were nicely interrupted by an exiting breed of long and padded wool socks. A few cropped leather jackets with fur details added some luxe glamour, but the collection was characterised by the dandy-esque suits and coats mixed with eagle embroidered baseball jackets. A strong red, mustard yellow and a gorgeous electric blue worked as contrast colours to the off white pea coat, grey baseball jackets and green tweed suits. 

Dazed Digital: What or who did you look towards for inspiration this time around?
Rag & Bone:
The Duke of Windsor. We got a book at an auction showing some of his old belongings, and it all made sense since British heritage is a big part of Rag & Bone brand. That was the starting point, but there are several other layers, like the idea of Scotland and the Highlands through the kilts and tartans. 

DD: And then there were strong American elements...
Rag & Bone:
Yeah, we live and breed New York, so we wanted to add a bit of streetwear, a bit of Gangs of New York, a few Irish influences... a little more urban. And twisting all those things together is kinda fun!

DD: There's a lot of British fabrics in the collection but mixed in with a few very hi tech materials as we... quite the contrast!
Rag & Bone:
Yeah, hard and soft. We put in some technical fabrics to balance the more traditional materials... it keeps it modern. We don't want to be too literal or too referential really, we let other people do that...

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
Rag & Bone:
The regimental stripe on the top coat that Clement is wearing.

DD: That's quite military inspired...
Rag & Bone
: Yeah, we went to a military school together when we were younger...

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