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WeSC x 2FACED1 Stockholm

For STHLM Fashion Week WeSC teamed up with 2FACED1's Decida to create a series of images inspired by their latest collection

Decida from 2FACED1, the stylist and choreographer for Robyn and Creative Director for Philip van De Roq, has created a set of six images interpreting the WeSC A/W11 collection, 'the Superlative Union'. The images were unveiled at Spy Bar during Stockholm Fashion Week and Decida took the central theme of the collection and created the images, which were then photographed by Anders Linden, featuring creative people who Decida felt exemplified the core values of the brand.

Based in Stockholm, Decida is a stage director, creative director, freestyle dancer and stylist, or 'Stylosopher', as she likes to call herself. "You can call me some sort of a popcultural nerd, music fiend and global inner city citizen," she says. She uses clothing as codes for identity and her motto is 'It's not what your wear, it's why you wear it.' 2Faced1 is based around the idea that we all have a double folded view of our own identity: what we want to be and what we are afraid we are. It's about taking accepted norms about our gender, race, nationality and class and subverting and playing with them to create something that makes people think twice about their stereotypes. Decida's favourite people are those who live in this space between cultural identities: people who mash it up. "Rootlessness and non-given identity just means major possibilities," she says. 

For the collaboration with WeSC, Decida has taken these ideas about identity to create a set of quirky images that subvert stereotypes. The Superlative Union is about taking things that don't go together and creating something fresh and challenging: a union between all the different aspects of our cultures and personality.