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Steve J & Yoni P S/S11

The design duo put on a colourful print feast at Seoul Fashion Week with their jungle camp inspired Spring Summer collection

By far the most European brand at Seoul Fashion Week was Steve J & Yoni P. The design duo’s work stood out because of its lack of regional references. The collection was instead focused on a more Western approach, mainly manifesting itself through loud, colourful and playful prints – often matched to clash with each other.

The Spring Summer collection started out with checks and the blue/white pattern persisted throughout on street-smart jackets, tops and trousers. Set in the jungle, we were treated to the sights, sounds and smells of a rain forest, so clothing wise, the embroidered army green parka coats fitted right in. Parrot printed leggings, zebra tops and bat jewellery continued the theme, underlined by sleeveless leather M65 jackets and great pointy waistcoats.
Dazed Digital: What was your starting point for this collection?
Steve J & Yoni P:
We found some animal prints that we used for motifs and embroideries, so in the end the collection turned out to be our own jungle camp

DD: There were loads of zebra prints, but that’s not a jungle animal is it?
Steve J & Yoni P:
[Laughing] No, I suppose not, but it’s all from my imagination - it was just me drawing away, it’s not based on a true story!

DD: Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
Steve J & Yoni P:
The green military parka with embroideries on the back…

DD: Would you say your style is slightly different from the other Korean brands?
Steve J & Yoni P:
Maybe, we work a lot with putting on a show, creating installations that are artistic, not only about fashion. I stayed up the whole night to create this setting…