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Ellery S/S'11

With signature sparkles, Kym Ellery made the RAFW audience sit up and take notice of her structural silhouettes

Kym Ellery, ‘the girl from down under’, is not only an incredible babe, but an Australian design favourite. With many adoring fans the world over, Ellery the label has always stood out from the Australian repertoire as somewhat unique. But it wasn’t until RAFW that the fashion pack really sat up and took notice; mere weeks ago the true import of Kym’s creative talent finally bared itself to an awestruck audience. With Aladdin sane makeup, structural silhouettes and signature Ellery sparkles, the label’s SS10-11 collection marked a run away moment for the young designer- the moment that made her that little bit tougher, that little bit harder to beat. Dazed Digital spoke to Kym about her indisputable success, horoscopes, and her past life as a crow…

Dazed Digital: What have you been up to since Dazed last spoke to you?
Kym Ellery: Quite a lot actually!  It's been tres, tres busy. I recently spent two months in Paris for a little break from the Australian heat and a jolt of inspiration. I then came back to Oz to do my first High Street collaboration with fashion chain Sportsgirl, and have since showed out new Summer 2010-11 collection titled "Horreur-scope" at Australian Fashion Week.  

DD: What inspired the SS10-11 range?
Kym Ellery: The horror of the zodiac and it's many faces. Everything was subtly based on each star sign, including the cusps, and I looked at the personality traits that go with each sign when designing the looks. My favourite moment was the finalé.  It was my interpretation of a female pagan ritual, my friends from the new band "Myth and Tropics" created an amazing sound scape for the show and did an absolutely sterling job.  This will be coming to my website soon so you can all bath in it's tremendous glory.

DD: We know how important shiny things are for Ellery, and in this collection the sparkles really take the front seat! Where did this come from and what did it mean for you?
Kym Ellery: I suppose I got all literal with the collection and it being inspired by the stars! It was all about magic and mystery and I wanted everything that glittered to be gold, or a shade of. You're right though - sparkle is an on-going theme with my work. I must have been a crow in a past life.

DD: What materials did you work with to create such textural, sculptural shapes?
Kym Ellery: I used some beautiful Italian Shimmery linens, a mixture of sparkly gold and matte sequins with diamante highlights, ostrich feathers on acid leather and tonal grey with white gold foiling detail, silk georgette ruffles that had been washed to create a spider webbed layer effect, gothic black Italian silk ruche brocade and sheeny black linen with black beaten leather contrast panels.

DD: I think this was a stand out collection for you, possibly the best so far- how has the RAFW come down treated you?
Kym Ellery: Thank you so much.  What a compliment! We picked up some great new accounts both locally (Australian Department Store MYER) and some great new international stockists which is all extremely exciting for us.   The press has also been extremely kind and I was very excited to have Susie Bubble at the show and then was even more wrapped to get a very flattering "wrap" from her.  Merci Susie.

DD: What's next for Ellery?
Kym Ellery: I am planning to bring my winter collection over to Europe to start showing my favourite people in both the UK and France.  Fingers crossed they like what the girl from down under is doing.