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Adam Andrascik (London, UK)

The designer hailing from Pittsburgh bases his new collection on Dali and Schiaparelli's 'Tear Dress'

Using highly unusual silhouettes and layered fabrics in delightfully pale and neutral tones, London-based Adam Andrascik has designed a unique collection for this Autumn/Winter '10. Torn fabrics and folded sleeves on tunics and dresses dominate the collection, featuring detailing in thoughfully positioned tears which reveal the bare skin beneath. Inspired by the Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli dress uses crepe, Central Saint Martins graduate Andrascik takes it to a new level with modern shift shapes and pastel colours.    


Where are you based?
Hackney, London

Where are you from?
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

How old are you?

Why did you become interested in fashion?
It was by accident. I got into Hip Hop when I was young, which later led into an interest in fashion. I knew I wanted do something creative, and it was either fashion or fine art.

Tell us about your current collection?
It’s based on a collaboration between Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli, where they developed the “Tear Dress.” Dali made simulated rips in crepe using print while Schiaparelli used a textile technique to achieve her own effect. I wanted to emulate this idea, while modernizing it with a silhouette that stands away from the body.

The structures and fabrics you use seem to be quite unusual, why did you choose to use them and how did you find them?
The actual silhouettes came about through bonding together oversized shapes and slashing through them, in a trial and error sort of approach. After these were perfected, I started bonding and sewing fabric samples, and luckily stumbled upon the strange combination of wool crepe, nude netting and polished cotton.

Where do you seek your inspiration?
Usually, it starts with a lot of library research, but this time I started with a textile technique, which ended up informing the rest of the collection.  The silhouettes were based on an old book from the 70s about wearable art, and the colours were pastel hued as a response to all the black collection as of late.

Who is your favourite designer and why?
Martin Margiela, because every time I think I’ve come up with a truly original idea, that bastard has already done it.

What makes you happy?
A shameless night out with Simone, Thomas and Caroline.

Where can we buy your designs?
On request, at