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Going Undercover

Jun Takahashi renacted his creation of the Grace/Graphie creatures for the launch of the accompanying perfumes.

Jun Takahashi first unveiled his "Grace" creatures back in September 2008 for the Undercover S/S 09 presentation and since then, they have spawned several live performances where Takahashi creates one of these dolls live and a photo exhibition as well. Grace and her child Graphie both continue to live on as Undercover launches the accompanying Holygrace and Holygraphie perfumes. At the Parisian store L'Eclaireur, Jun Takahashi once again created one of these Grace creatures, so seemingly he hasn't gotten tired of these half-dog, half-alien fuzzy beings and on display were the Holygrace and Holygraphie bottles with the Grace and Graphie creatures wrapping them. The perfumes differ as Holygrace is based fairly fresh smelling whilst Holygraphie is a spicier scent. We're not sure when the doll-making performances will cease but we are wondering how many teddy bears he has ripped into to breed these Graces

Holygrace and Holygraphie perfumes will be available at the end of May.