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Holly Fulton Womenswear A/W10

Holly Fulton plays with skins and furs to add to her melting pot of materials and colours.

Against a backdrop of a set of cut-outs of Holly Fulton's black and white illustrations depicting her poppy girls in her art deco-lined dresses, the new A/W 10-11 collection stood out loud and proud as once again, this young designer has listened to her pop art sensibilities. The art deco lines seen in previous seasons are still there but this time the monochrome work of artist Louis Barillet runs down long dresses, shifts, shirts and loose tops. The materials have also evolved to include snakeskin, suede, velvet and wool to add even more textural interest in addition to Fulton's deft use of perspex embellishment. It's definitely to Fulton's advantage that her symmetrical strong and graphic lines aren't going anywhere, anytime soon.  

Dazed Digital: It's great that you've stuck to the art deco influences in your work but in terms of evolution of materials, what prompted the fur, the skins etc?
Holly Fulton: I really like artificial surfaces and you get a different sort of colour with stingrays and snake as opposed to dying a fabric. The quality of the texture really appeals to me because my work is all about using unusual materials. It really inspires me to get new materials involved.

DD: Where did the phone motif come from?
Holly Fulton: I've been looking at this glass artist called Louis Barrillet and I just came across this insane image of this telephone he had and it reminded me of a glamazon prince in the 90s which I love. So I thought we'd just use this, a little early Moschino reference!

DD: With your art deco lines, do you feel you will ever stray from them?
Holly Fulton: I think it always moves in. I have sort of developed a borderline bad taste with the phone motif this time and I may push that a bit more in the future. It's nice to have fun and not be so serious all the time!

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