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Photography by Saga Sigurdardottir

Charlie Le Mindu Womenswear A/W10

Hair-raising activities kicked off London Fashion Week.

Photography by Saga Sigurdardottir

So this morning, having got back from working on the Lady Gaga (who happens to be a big Charlie le Mindu fan) tour at 4am I was up an hour later to start work on styling the first show of fashion week - Charlie Le Mindu.  Anyone hoping to be eased gently into the onslaught of London shows would have been sorely disappointed.

Charlie presented today his collection which we have been working on together for the past couple of weeks. To me when I saw the sketches and designs it brought to mind an eccentric but chic french lady, out to steal somebody's rich husband at a gothic funeral in Paris. A bit jumbled perhaps, but I think this made for a successful show today. In amongst his A/W 10-11 collection of gigantic diamante cross's, huge black roses flourishing out of his teenage trademark stripey hair, and faberge hair eggs perched on top of the head - his hair bags and jewellery were tres chic, and very desirable. I intend to be carrying mine all fashion week.

Charlie is of the type of person I admire most, and the type of person that we in London are lucky to have so many of. He is unafraid, unique in his vision, he is slightly mad and he is quite genius. C'est fantastique non?

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