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A Millionhands

UK-born, German-based Tom Mangan designs his “Muso-Eco Tees from Berlin”

32 year old UK born Berlin resident Tom Mangan is a man of many talents. Better known for his electronic output with his mate Cass under the moniker Deadset and his solo output on Tiefschwarz’ Souvenir label, he’s recently joined the number of producers such as Ellen Allien and DJ Hell who’ve entered the world of fashion by starting his own music inspired limited edition t-shirt line – Millionhands.

Combining label collabos with the likes of Heavenly Jukebox and disco bods Permanent Vacation plus eco-friendly values (all tees are made from 100 per cent organic cotton and made using wind and solar energy), be sure Wasted Berlin Youth this ain’t.
Dazed Digital: So, what’s been going on?
Tom Mangan: Obama's received the Nobel peace prize, Liverpool will be lucky to make the top four… and this July I launched a T-shirt label called Millionhands. We sell eco screen printed T-shirts some of which are designed in collaboration with records labels and artists.
DD: What made you enter the world of tees?
Tom Mangan: The idea was concocted during a long harsh Berlin winter where it was more appealing to stay in and be creative than venture outside and freeze. I’ve always been a fan of great feeling, wearable T-shirts and thought there was a dearth of good music collaboration Tees about.
DD: It’s pretty music inspired, what made you focus on that?
Tom Mangan: I love music. It’s fair to say I think about music all the time. Previous to launching Millionhands I made electronic music for eight years – infact I still do, although not quite so many hours are spent in the studio of late – I wanted to link my love of music with my love of a good T-shirt.
DD: Do you do the graphic design yourself?
Tom Mangan: I design the tees myself with the exception of the Heavenly Jukebox collaboration, which was designed by Danny from Heavenly and the We Not Me design by Molly my lovely wife and Millionhands co-conspirator. I like the design process to be a mix of different media… some stuff is done by hand, some by computer. I take inspiration from a variety of sources, typography, music, street-art, photographs etc. In the future we’ll be roping in some other designers to help out.
DD: What’s with the eco-friendly angle?
Tom Mangan: What’s not with it!
DD: How did you hook up with Permanent Vacation and Heavenly Jukebox?
Tom Mangan: I approached Permanent Vacation as they’re a label I really rate, they have a cool design aesthetic and release some wicked records.
I’ve known Danny Mitchell from Heavenly since school, and love what they do at Heavenly Jukebox,  as soon as we started I thought it would be great to get him involved.
DD: Who are your favourite tee designers right now?
Tom Mangan: For fit and feel Levi’s Vintage, for the way he uses text I really like Rockwell (by Dutch artist Parra) and for a continual impressive repertoire Y2K by Gingham.
DD: How would you describe the Millionhands ethos?
Tom Mangan: T-shirts made with love. 
DD: Any last words?
Tom Mangan: Be polite.

The polite chap Tom has been kind enough to extend Dazed Digital readers a 10% discount on Millionhands bits. Just add ‘Dazed10’ in the promo code section.