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Like Teen Spirit

Silvia Salvador and Nando Cornejo create the new Potipoti line with loose shapes and watercolour effects

It smells like eternal summer, like holiday nostalgia; it smells like teen spirit in Potipoti's latest collection. It's all about feeling comfortable and effortlessly cool at the same time and this season Silvia Salvador and Nando Cornejo managed to do it with loose shapes and watercolour effects. The Spanish, though Berlin-based, designer duo have been working as a studio-label since 2005, being involved not only in fashion but also in graphics, product design or other visual arts. Check their latest initiative at Rosenthaler Straße 66 (Berlin), their brand new shop and also the perfect place to spot their latest collection among an accurate selection of some other young designers' creations.

DD: Potipoti’s style is…

Silvia Salvador and Nando Cornejo: We try not to think about that, we just do what we feel like doing in every moment. I think that is our style.

DD: Which is the philoshophy of the brand?
SS & NC: To grow little by little, having always the control of what we do with our own hands.

DD: What is that thing that never fails when you are needing some inspiration?
SS & NC: A trip quite far away, an avocado milkshake, a concert, an antique wooden toys shop, a good book…

DD: You both are from Spain but live and work in Berlin, what is this creative exile due to?

SS & NC: We identify ourselves much more with the Berlin creative scene and with the city itself.

DD: Tell me about your S/S 2010 collection…
SS & NC: We really like the name of the river where we produce our clothes: Man Body River. We found it very suggestive so we adapted the name and called our collection The Human Body River, changing “man” for “human” to avoid confussions because the collection it’s for both men and women. Simple silhouettes but full of details in blue, grey and light red shades and using silk, linen, cotton…

DD: And who are these boys and girls you design for?
SS & NC: Actually we don’t think about this either. We really design what we want, we think in ourselves; we like funny comfortable clothes, with personality and made with good quality fabrics that make you feel special when wearing them.

Lookbook photos by Sebastien / Shop photos by PSCFOTO