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Through the Specs of Albert Maysles

Barton Perriera and Barneys team up to give you the chance to channel a little of this famed cinematographer's style.

If destiny had truly had its way with Albert Maysles, he would have been a fashion designer. His youth was spent learning the in’s and out’s of sewing from his mother, a skill he still uses, and on occasion is put to use when he makes his own clothes and handles his own alterations. But fate had other plans when it handed Albert a camera instead of a Singer sewing machine, and though “the best American cameraman,” is still making films at the ripe age of 83, his influence in fashion cannot be ignored.

In the world of fashion, Albert and David Maysles’ documentary of the Beales’ in “Grey Gardens” still resonates on the pages of Vogue and on the runways over 30 years later. And the flock of fashion admirers knows no bounds. Barneys New York VP of Fashion, Julie Gilhart “loves Albert!” Designer Rogan Gregory hosted a screening of Albert’s films at his Bouwerie Store, Bottega Veneta and Barneys New York held a dinner in his honor attended by Cecilia Dean, Linda Evangelista, Rodarte, and Liz Goldwyn, the girls of Vena Cava are fans, and Drew Barrymore remade his documentary into a film.

But all that aside, let’s just focus on Albert... From the top of his snowy white head to the bottom of his well-cushioned feet, Albert Maysles is the epitome of understated fashion. He takes airplane socks he’s been hoarding from all his years of travel, which range in color from pale grey to red to neon green, and layers them over his normal socks on a daily basis. “They feel much better and they look nice too.” He favors tailored button-up shirts over t-shirts, and relaxed fit trousers. And on special occasions wears a bowtie.

Famed eyewear company Barton Perreira and Barneys New York teamed up to launch a new line of eyewear inspired by Albert’s glasses he’s been wearing for over 40 years. For a mere sum of of $350, you too can channel Albert on a daily basis.

Now if Barton Perreira would consider sending over a few free pairs to Albert to wear them himself, maybe he’d leave his old frames and opt for the new. But so far, Albert has yet to receive a single pair. (That’s a hint Barton Perreira.) So, I brought some to a dinner party I had in New York recently where we had a little fun with Albert and his daughter Rebekah. Afterwards, I hopped on a bus to D.C. to take the glasses down a more Hip-Hop path with Sway and rapper Rakim.

Look out 2010: Barton Perreira and Barneys New York will launch a new red pair of the Albert Maysles glasses early next year. Let’s just hope they remember to send him a pair.