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IKEA Balenciaga towel skirt
Courtesy of IKEA

IKEA’s got your Balenciaga towel needs wrapped up

The Scandi giant dropped a cost-effective version of Demna’s skirt for fashion fans on a budget, plus more news you missed this week

Forgetting to put trousers on before I leave the house is the stuff of recurring nightmares for me, but seems like Demna’s kind of into the idea, since Balenciaga dropped a $900 towel-cum-skirt situation that is guaranteed to make you look like you just stepped out of the shower. 

Part of the beauty of what the designer has done at the historic Spanish house [and formerly at his own brand Vetements] is reappropriate the most banal of items and make them bonafide fashion grails, meaning, sure, you can drop a couple of thousand on a Lay’s clutch or a slouchy dressing gown, but you could also head to IKEA and score your own XXL Frakta bag or towel for a fraction of the price.

Essentially, the designer has democratised fashion, which is a big part of why kids across the globe are still dressing like Balenciaga models, whether they have the funds or not.

Capitalising on the discourse surrounding Balenciaga’s subversive style – as well as having a little fun – the Scandi interiors behemoth reminded fashion fans of this fact with a speedy ad campaign. In it, a model rips off the full Balenciaga look, layering a black oversized hoodie and cargo pants under an almost identical grey towel ‘skirt’. Best of all, this towel costs just £16, and could probably come in slightly more handy when you’ve run out of clean ones before laundry day. 

Balenciaga’s not the first label to draw inspiration from the bathroom, though: Acne Studios has also dabbled with the fresh-out-the-shower look, and in 2019 Prada dropped a towelled, wrap-around micro-mini – meaning if you’re heading to IKEA to pick up your own Balenciaga dupe, maybe also grab a hand towel and try Mrs. P’s style out for size while you’re at it. 

Elsewhere this week, Hunter Schafer fed us some high fashion on the Hunger Games premiere trail, Michaela Stark narrowly missed a cow stampede, and Kim Kardashian revealed she’d channelled Britney Spears’s iconic “Toxic" look for her new SKIMS x Swarovski collab. For everything else, click through the gallery below.