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The Ket Gala Berlin
Photography Spyros Rennt

Photos from Berlin’s Ket Gala, where ravers embark on 20 hours of anarchy

We sent photographer Spyros Rennt to capture the wild style of the event’s hardcore partygoers

Berlin is no stranger to sex-positive clubbing – the city’s nightlife oozes with progressive, queer-friendly spaces. As one of the newer editions to the German capital’s club landscape, Lunchbox Candy is racing to the top, known for its kaleidoscopic and unapologetically queer parties that bring together jaw-dropping performances, live music, DJ sets and beyond. 

Founded by DJ and producer Elninodiablo and filmmaker Adam Munnings in 2021 after the pandemic, the bi-monthly party – described as “a playground for the weird and wonderful celebrating everything you ever wanted to be” – attracts a hedonistic array of glitter-spattered punters dancing to everything from Italo to house, breakbeat and electro. Not to mention a night’s-worth of outrageously camp and queer punk performances by local artists whose acts are fine-tuned for pure and unadulterated euphoria.

For their latest party – and staying true to Berlin tradition – Lunchbox invited guests to attend the one-and-only Ket Gala, a 20-hour rave in celebration of Pride. Bringing together a fabulous array of hosts, DJs and performers, the party sold itself as a “gender-bending, freedom-lending, love-bursting excuse to let loose”, so we sent photographer Spyros Rennt to get in on the action and capture the best fashions on the night. Take a look for yourself in the gallery above.

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