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The Faculty scream teens movie
The Faculty [1998]Still from The Faculty

The teen scream kings and queens making blood and guts look chic

From Nightmare on Elm Street and I Know What You Did Last Summer, to The Faculty, Lost Boys, and Jennifer’s Body, the hosts of fashion and film podcast Makeover Montage make a case for the best-dressed horror stars

What makes a good horror movie? An air of dread and suspense, sure, plus a healthy amount of blood and guts or supernatural goings-on, depending on what you’re into. But just as important, and oftentimes just as influential, are the clothes – there’s a reason we’re all referencing Drew Barrymore’s cream Scream sweater, Megan Fox’s shrunken baby hoodies in Jennifer’s Body, and the entire cast of The Craft’s Catholic-schoolgirl-gone-goth looks even now, over 20 years on. 

It’s exactly this kind of thing that Marie Lodi and Blaire Bercy explore as part of their podcast Makeover Montage (formerly Fishnet Flix). The show’s hosts were born and raised in LA, where they both still live, and first met when they were working at lifestyle publisher HelloGiggles, bonding over a shared love of fashion, pop culture, and horror movies. The podcast itself kicked off in 2018, and gave Lodi and Bercy the space to dissect fashion in film and the ways in which it influences fashion and wider culture.

Past seasons have seen them interview costume designers like Clueless and Romy & Michele’s Mona May, and go deep on movies like Striptease and Zola as part of ‘Stripper Month, Wild Things and Obsessed as part of ‘Erotic Thriller Month’, and the entire back catalogue of Drew Barrymore flicks, as they celebrate ‘Drewcember’ in [you guessed it] December. Whether part of gory slasher or vampire-focused seasons, Makeover Montage goes particularly heavy on the horror, and so, with that in mind, we’ve asked them to break down their fave teen scare-fests based on how hot their fashions are.

Click through the gallery below, and head here to read an interview with the directors of Talk To Me – surely the most terrifying movie to be dropped in 2023. Follow Makeover Montage here.