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Shein’s secretive AI algorithm will steal your artwork

...and more fashion news you missed this week

Shein sees the most disturbed corners of the capitalist psyche and thinks ‘Yas, love that!’. Having already made headlines this month for inviting so-called confidence activists to pretend factories in China, the fast fashion behemoth is now being accused of running a Mafia-style operation to avoid being penalised for plagiarising artwork. According to The Fashion Law, a lawsuit was filed this week that claimed the firm had been using a “secretive algorithm” to clone trending art within its clothing. Three independent creatives – Krista Perry, Larissa Martinez, and Jay Baron – have said that Shein has reproduced exact copies of their works and they’re currently seeking past and future damages to “prevent further racketeering activity”. There has been an accretion of similar allegations over recent years, but Shein’s confusing corporate structure has meant that it’s managed to evade being seen as liable. Ugh, werk!

In other fashion news this week, Hari Nef attended the Barbie premiere in custom Dilara Findikoglu – offering a brief salvation from all the Pepto Bismol costumes that have been surfacing – while a Sheffield-based jeweller unveiled an engagement ring in the form of a Crocs charm. For everything else you may have missed, click through the gallery below.