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Rihanna at the Smurf gala
Courtesy of Getty Images, Alberto E Rodriguez / Stringer

Rihanna refuses to dress like a Smurf

...and more fashion news you missed

There are lots of things Rihanna will do for a paycheck (like taking on the role of Smurfette) but she will not debase herself by turning up to CinemaCon in a mini-dress encrusted with the face of a cartoon humanoid, like Katy Perry once did. Last night, the so-called badgal telegraphed her inner blue demon with a denim Y/Project kaftan and a sapphire necklace to announce that she will be starring in, and writing the soundtrack to, the upcoming Smurfs movie – an urgent piece of cinema which, according to Paramount, will explore themes of identity and attempt to answer the eternal question: “What is a Smurf?” Having rewritten the maternity rule book by dressing like (gasp!) someone who wasn’t pregnant, the second coming of Rihanna’s pregnancy looks set to do much the same. She won’t wear an elasticated waist, she will just unbutton her jeans a bit – because a bump is perhaps the most time-worn accessory of all. 

In other news this week, activists in London and Manchester gathered outside fast fashion stores to honour ten years of the Rana Plaza collapse while Luis de Javier dressed VIP entertainers at the annual Pornhub awards. Kim Kardashian was spotted clout-chasing with Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette and Matthieu Blazy went full Kate Moss fan girl. Elsewhere, Tom Ford revealed that he would be quitting Tom Ford and Vivienne Westwood announced that it would be staging an exhibition dedicated to the corset. For everything else you may have missed, click through the gallery below.