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Boo Johnson and Deba on the importance of community

The two creatives share personal stories of sisterhood and surrounding themselves with strong support networks

As social creatures, we thrive creatively when surrounded by people who uplift us and inspire personal progress. Hence that saying your mum loves to share from time to time: “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.”

Bringing the importance of community to the forefront, 8 by YOOX spotlights two creatives and their tight-knit support systems in a new two-part video series. They are Boo Johnson and Deba, a pair of individuals who represent unapologetic authenticity in their respective fields. The films celebrate the launch of the SS22 8 by YOOX collection, which puts comfort and individuality first by providing elevated wardrobe staples with a twist.

For Deba, a model and activist who uses her unique looks and voice as a tool for changing the world, her story of togetherness celebrates sisterhood in various forms. She sees friendship and supportive relationships as essential in growing as a person. “Sisterhood to me is being able to have a group of people that you can really really just trust with your whole life,” the Dazed 100 alumni says. 

Deba’s closest circle, seen in the film, includes India, Maxine, T, and Sally, all of whom bring out the best in each other’s personalities.  “We’re here to help each other get through life, pick each other up, motivate each other… I like to remind my friends that they are great because we don't hear enough of it. And sometimes, you just need to hear that – you're doing well, you're doing good,” Deba shares.

Skater and entrepreneur Boo Johnson connects with people who share his love and passion for the art of skating. “You got people from around the world that connect just from a skateboard. And everyone has different styles, everyone approaches skating in a different way,” he explains. Joined by friends Gabriel, George, and Josh at his local park, the group are outfitted in key pieces from SS22 8 by YOOX. The sleeveless leather vest, nylon bomber, and oversized hoodies look right at home on the pipe. 

But for Boo, it’s not just about building close ties with those people. Sometimes, the community feel comes through embracing the spontaneity that emerges out of his daily routines. “I like hanging out with random people – hearing their stories, inspiring others and just being a person who lives in this beautiful chaotic world,” he says.

By showing snippets of two unique groups of creatives, the films hammer down on the importance of human connection and cultivating a group of friends that will be there with you, no matter what. It’s the chosen family that counts.