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Paula's Ibiza
Photography Gray Sorrenti

Loewe gets sweaty and saucy in Ibiza, and more news you missed

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None of Ibiza’s clubs have a Pacha on Paula’s. Founded by Armin Heinemann in the 70s and 80s, the boutique became an international hub for the hippie lifestyle – all tropical prints, blouson sleeves, and deep V-necks – and played host to the island’s most raucous happenings, transforming prudish city-slickers into free-wheeling bohemians. In 2016, Jonathan Anderson decided to revive Paula’s, embracing boho-hedonism as part of Loewe. And this week, the designer unveiled his most recent Paula’s capsule in a sweaty, saucy lookbook shot by Gray Sorrenti. Dresses come in all-over sequins, hacked at the navel, while skin-tight tops have been blasted in bolshy farm-to-table prints, and breezy trousers are fashioned from loose-knit crochets. “Hedonism has been on my mind a lot of late: fun, partying, moments spent together releasing good energies,” said Anderson in his notes to the press. “The collection is sexy and liberated, with the carefree attitude that is quintessentially Ibiza.” Click through the images above to see more of what’s in store.  

In other fashion news this week, Netflix’s Top Boy teamed-up with LABRUM and Hackney Wick FC, before announcing the release of a tell-all documentary on the seedy demise of Abercrombie & Fitch. Everyone’s favourite boss bitch, Christine Quinn, released a line of dazzling shoes, while Dutch designer Esmay Wagemans unveiled a bevy of liquid armour breastplates. For everything else that may have passed you by, flick through the gallery below.