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Vivienne Westwood SS94

Sex, sex, sex! The hottest runway shows in fashion history

Sure, sexy is subjective – but there’s no denying the horny appeal of these 10 iconic shows

With varying degrees of lockdown in place over the last 12 months, Hallmark Holidays have hit different. First Sunday brunch with mum was put on hold, then Christmas became a Zoom-only affair. As Valentine’s Day fast approaches and another dinner at the same table seems inevitable for many – Bridgerton reruns the reality for most – some light relief from pandemic monotony: a list of fashion’s sexiest runway shows, of course. 

Sure, sexy is subjective: a nylon Prada number will do it for some in the way only a Molly Goddard ruffle might for others, but in these trying times, with physical touch much reduced and dating apps near futile, IRL shopping now exclusive to groceries and people watching basically prohibited unless you’re ‘exercising’ – in this weather? – now is the time to unify our approach to lust. Consider the collective ogling of some hot fashions a necessary balm, if you will, for a dry spell equal parts sartorial and physical. 

Coming in hotter than any Netflix boxset and more fulfilling than an M&S Dine In deal, these shows arrived coded in desire. And the dopamine’s in the details, from erotic silhouettes to provocative textures; kink-laden performances to subversive DNA. Below, we celebrate some of the horniest fashion shows in history.