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Cher Ancuta Sarca shoes Twitter
Left: @cher Right: @ancutasarca

Cher just outed herself as an Ancuta Sarca stan

Blue suede shoes are out, sneaker kitten-heel hybrids are in

Clashing secondhand kitten-heels with classic Nike sneakers to create the incredible Frankenstein’s fashion monster footwear that nabbed her a spot on the Dazed 100, it’s fair to say that Ancuta Sarca has amassed a pretty huge fan base since landing on the London scene in 2018. 

Now, the Romanian designer has another *fairly significant* admirer to add to her growing list. ‘Who is it?!’ we hear you cry. None other than Cher herself, who aborted firing out toilet emoji-peppered Tweets about Donald Trump’s endless incompetence to post a photo of her new black and neon green Nike mash-up shoes. Alongside the pic, the icon wrote simply: “A gift from España ANCUTA SARCA”. 

The custom shoes were in fact a commission by Cher, whose stylist Marjan Malakpour slid into Sarca’s DMs earlier this year to ask if she did personal orders. “When they first got in touch I actually did some research to convince myself it’s actually the Cher,” the designer explains. “She is a legend and my forever muse, so I’m really humbled and grateful that an icon like her is wearing something I made!” 

While most fans were into the unique style (“Cute, I love it, comfort at the front party at the back” wrote one), a few seemingly didn’t ‘get’ Sarca’s vision. 

Hitting back with another emoji-laden Tweet, Cher explained “I (love) Them ….Isn’t The First Time, Nor Will it Be The Last, That I March To My Own (drum) Blk (fish) Nets, Teeny Weeny Mini, Neon Green/Blk Tie Dye Hoodie RIDICULOUSLY LONG NEON GREEN EARRINGS… Looking Through bead Chest now. Wait… You’ll Be Neon Green With Envy.” Eyes on her social channels, readers – that’s one iconique look you’re unlikely to want to miss.