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USPS mail crop top merch voter suppression

The most hyped item in fashion right now is a crop top by the post office

The USPS just dropped an extremely hype-y merch line

If you’ve been scrolling through Twitter’s cursed timeline recently, it’s likely you’ll have spotted the news that Donald Trump’s latest bid to keep his spot in the oval office circa 2021 involves sabotaging the United States Postal Service by blocking additional funding, making it difficult for the service to deliver mail-in voter ballots. With the USPS’s finances currently suffering due to the coronavirus (and likely the fact everybody has been doing emails for q some time now), not only will election mail probably be affected, but the delivery of medicine and other essential items is already taking a hit. All in all, very cool stuff!

Now, taking matters into its own hands, USPS has launched a line of merch in a bid to raise funds and keep the organisation afloat. On the line-up is some pretty standard stuff, including some gorj stamp collections depicting the wilds of Alaska, flowering cacti, and ‘spooky silhouettes’ (obvs v into), as well as the kind of live laugh love-esque tote bags your mum definitely has languishing in the back of a cupboard somewhere.

On the more hype-y end of the scale, however, is something you probably wouldn’t link up with the postal system: a USPS branded crop top that is actually incredibly lit. Featuring a crew neck, long sleeves, and a 90s Clip Art-inspired stack of envelopes lying on top of each other, the tee is finished with a slashed hem – extremely Vetements in its aesthetic, essentially, if you were to uncover this at a thrift store or in the depths of eBay, you’d likely lose your shit. 

Sadly, for those looking to save democracy via uber-hyped goods, the top is long since sold out, with lucky social media users taking to their platform of choice to gloat about getting their hands on it (seemingly it’s even a big hit with furries). For now, we guess, the only option is to do your bit for the greater good, drop some of your hard earned cash on some collectible stamps, and keep your eyes on Depop and Grailed, given it’s highly likely to crop up – sorry not sorry – on there any day now. 

Check out the full line here and revisit the time Vetements changed the fashion agenda with its full DHL looks.