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Antiviral jeans
Courtesy Diesel

So hot right now? Coronavirus-killing antiviral jeans

Bang and the COVID is gone

First there was the PPE rave suit, designed for safe socialising when the clubs finally open, then there was the hypebeast-y metal jacket crafted from seven miles of copper thread, known for its virus-killing properties. And now, to complete the look? Antiviral jeans!

Two sustainable brands, Warp + Weft and DL1961, have partnered with Swiss textile innovators, HeiQ to create a denim line that protects against coronavirus. The clothing companies are utilising HeiQ’s Viroblock technology, which provides the jeans with a self-sanitising and germ-resistant surface.

The Viroblock liquid is added to the fabric during the laundering process of the manufacturing production, and inhibits the growth and persistence of bacteria and viruses by adding an invisible film that kills 99.9 per cent of COVID-19. Although coronavirus can live on fabrics at room temperature for up to two days, Viroblock kills it within 30 minutes, with the liquid remaining on the fabric for up to 30 washes.

“Our mission as a premium denim brand is to make products in a way that’s good for the planet and the people on it,” Warp + Weft and DL1961’s CEO, Sarah Ahmed, said in a press release. “As safety is at the forefront of our consumers’ concerns, we want to be there to help. Our jeans are designed to make you look good, and feel good about wearing them.”

Speaking to Vogue, HeiQ’s CMO, Hoi Kwan Lam, said: “The pandemic has placed more importance on functionality, and we’re realising how important it is to have less clothing, but also clothing that’s more functional and higher quality. If you have a garment that’s cooling, water-repellent, and antiviral all at the same time, maybe you can buy one jacket instead of five.”

Warp + Weft and DL1961 aren’t the only denim brands getting in on the antiviral action, though. Earlier this week, Diesel announced its partnership with Swedish firm Polygiene, which will see it use ViralOff treatment – said to reduce 99 per cent of viruses on textiles in just two hours – on select pieces in its SS21 collection.

“We’ve already been protecting ourselves from coronavirus with masks, visors, and hand sanitiser,” Diesel’s CEO, Massimo Piombini, told British Vogue. “Now we can add the latest must-have in the fight against COVID with antiviral clothing.”

As the pandemic continues, there’s likely to be more fashion innovations heading our way. Masks that can translate your conversations? Already done. Glasses that enable you to monitor other people’s temperatures? You betcha. A mouth guard that converts your coughs into money? TBC.

Warp + Weft and DL1961’s antiviral denim lines are set to launch on October 1.