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Iconic shoegazers My Bloody Valentine inspire Supreme’s latest collection

My kingdom for a Loveless hoodie

In good news for My Bloody Valentine stans everywhere, Supreme has revealed its new collection centres around the iconic, agenda-setting shoegaze band. 

With the news dropping via an Instagram post this afternoon, the upcoming offering sees the band’s album artwork plastered across Supreme’s signature hoodies, tees, and boxy bowling-style shirts, with imagery from 1989 EP Feed Me With Your Kiss, 1990’s Glider, and 1991’s legendary record Loveless all featuring. 

Elsewhere, pieces printed with lyrics and track names are finished with the skate label’s signature red box logo.

“My Bloody Valentine has influenced generations of musicians and audiences,” explained Supreme of the collection. “The band forged new possibilities in how to make noise music, as well as how to listen to and experience it.” 

Followers, pretty unsurprisingly, were receptive to the news: “ONLY SHALLOW SLAPS” said @zzacharymichael, and tbh, we can’t help but agree. 

The MBV collection follows in the footsteps of Supreme’s first drop of 2020, which included a red Oreo cookie. Originally retailing for $8, the cookies were later listed on eBay for upwards of $17,000, because people are truly berserk. 

The collection drops on digital shelves on April 23. Take a look at the gallery above.