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Masha Popova Saint Martins fashion student
Design Masha Popova, Photography Charlie Kwai

We’re spotlighting the fashion students graduating in the time of COVID-19

As part of a new series launched in partnership with 1 Granary, @dazedfashion is celebrating the work of the soon-to-be-graduates whose studies have been put on hold

Over the course of the last six weeks, the notoriously fast-paced fashion industry has ground to a halt in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, as shop doors stay closed, ateliers and design studios remain empty, and its enormous workforce isolates at home along with billions of others around the world.

Also hit by the coronavirus outbreak are the millions of students studying at fashion institutions across the globe. With widespread lockdowns enforced in early March, those enrolled on creative courses were preparing to enter their last term of the academic year and the end of their time in education.

Now, they face the very real possibility that not only will they not be able to graduate, but also that there will be no opportunity to present their final collections to key industry figures as part of their school’s end of year shows and exhibitions. 

For them, the future looks increasingly uncertain right now. With even fashion’s biggest, most long-established brands facing a fight to stay afloat post-pandemic, the industry’s landscape, already difficult to navigate, is likely to appear more formidable than ever to the soon-to-be graduates emerging onto it. Many of them, however, are poised and ready to face the challenge head-on.

With that in mind, and studies placed on hold for the time being, Dazed has joined forces with champions of rising fashion school talent, print publication 1 Granary, to highlight the work of just a fraction of the students who have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent government lockdown as part of a new Instagram series. Launching on @dazedfashion today, we invite you to meet come of 2020's brightest young fashion grads: otherwise known as the Class of COVID-19.