Billie Eilish’s Oscars look is Chanel, but not as you know it

The ‘bad guy’ singer gives the legendary maison’s classic tweed a 2020 update

Think of Chanel's classic tweed and it’s likely to conjure up images of impossibly chic Parisian women whose lipstick is somehow always immaculate no matter how many skinny Vogue ciggies they suck on throughout the day (honestly: how?). 

Seemingly, however, Billie Eilish has different ideas when it comes to the house’s iconic motif, as demonstrated by her choice of look for tonight’s Oscars ceremony in not-so-sunny Los Angeles.

Landing on the red carpet hot on the heels of the icon that is Billy Porter, the “bad guy” singer opted for a full Chanel ensemble made up of baggy trousers and a loose, boxy jacket, embellished with the Parisian label’s unmistakable double-Cs.

Add to that a pair of fluffy sneakers, some logo-emblazoned Desperately Seeking Susan-esque fingerless lace gloves, and Eilish’s signature slime green hair and acrylic nails, and it becomes clear that this is Chanel, but not as we know it. But then, what did you think she was going to turn up in, a gown? To quote the singer herself: duh!

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