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Marc Jacobs Lovers Valentines t-shirts Erin Magee
Erin Magee and Nicole AlbinoPhotography @mayantoledano

Marc Jacobs drops a cute Valentine’s collab designed by lovers and friends

Three limited edition tees ideal for a) showing someone you care on the big day or b) wiping your tears away should you end up spending it alone

Valentine’s Day is racing ever closer, and while you might not be able to score a date in time for the corporation-fuelled celebration of love and romance, the good news is that Marc Jacobs just released a v cute collection of t-shirts which are ideal for either a) wearing or b) using to wipe away your tears should you end up spending the big day alone (lol triggered).

Enlisting three sets of friends and lovers to create a limited edition t-shirt each, first on the line-up is Brooklyn-based Dazed 100er Ian Isiah and best friend Jorge Gitoo Wright, whose tee reads ‘Young, Gifted, and Snatched’. 

Joining them is Devon Lee Carson and musician Jesse Rutherford, who opted for a pair of handcuffs which casually read ‘forever’, and MadeMe’s Erin Magee and partner Nicole Albino, whose crystal-studded ‘Motherfucker’ tee might be our favourite of all. “I’ve always loved how hardcore Erin is but watching her melt for our daughter Goldie is the sweetest thing ever,” says Albino of the pair’s ‘tribute to motherhood’. 

In other Marc Jacobs-related news, the designer was recently revealed as one of the faces of Givenchy’s latest campaign alongside Charlotte Rampling. Debuting on Instagram yesterday, the two aren’t quite as loved up as those involved in this project, with the legendary actress slapping Jacobs across the face at one point. More on that here