A fake Kate Moss walked at Vetements

Along with some friends you might recognise

Vetements may be down Demna Gvasalia, but it’s pretty much business as usual. The brand showed its AW20 collection in Paris this evening and had an unconventional model on the runway besides its usual cadre of club-dwelling waifs: a Kate Moss lookalike.

The gold slip dress she wore certainly looked like something the icon – who had been spotted just an hour earlier supporting Kim Jones at Dior  – would have worn circa 1993, but Kate she was not. The impersonator probably fooled a few people at first though – the show took place in semi-darkness, lit only by the light of people’s phone flashes, before the lights came up for the finale.

And she wasn’t the only one – one model bore a resemblance to Angelina Jolie, while another was a potential Snoop Dogg and there was also – although tbh least convincingly – a wannabe Naomi (a fur and a fringe does not a supermodel make).

The collection was a revisit of Vetements classics: stompy shoes, obnoxious shoulders, a gothic font or two, and the odd memey tee for good measure. (See also: the ‘Gvasalia for President’ hat). After Gvasalia announced his departure at the end of last year, the brand is being designed by an anonymous group once more. 

As for the real identity of the mystery Moss, it remains, for now, unknown.