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Revolver Requeen Venexia 2
Courtesy of Revolver Requeen Venexia

The luxury shoe brand making kinky heels – in all sizes

Italian label Revolver Requeen Venexia’s shoes go all the way up to an 11

The last few years have seen an ever-increasing number of fashion designers approach design in a more gender-neutral manner. However, the world of shoe design is yet to completely follow suit – with many companies still only producing heels which tend to stop at a UK size 9, and cater only to the average female shoe size. 

Earlier this year, Italian photographer and creative director Yuri Catania joined forces with fellow Italian designer Fabio Panzeri to launch a new, forward-thinking luxury shoewear label named Revolver Requeen Venexia. The label is the brainchild of historic Italian manufacturer Baldan, Catania, and Panzeri, with the resulting collection of shoes range from a UK size 2 to 11 – suggesting the shoes are made for every type of person to wear and enjoy. 

The label marks Catania’s first venture into footwear, with the debut collection centred around seduction. In a palette of mainly black, red, burgundy, blue, and nude, all the heels stand out in their own unique way. Each shoe is enhanced with different embellishments such as tassels, ropes, pom-poms, and whips, as well as the unique geometric Prisma heel, which is exclusive to the brand. 

Launching during Milan Fashion Week last season, the Italian label opened its flagship store in an old apartment in Milan. The store can metaphorically be seen as a hotel, with each floor representing different aspects and themes surrounding various Revolver Requeen Venexia shoes. By creating an entire world behind the store doors, consumers are able to physically engage with the product in a much more captivating way. 

The hotel consists of three key floors: the Secret, the Bitingwhip, and the Bondage. Key pieces can be found on the Secret Floor, whereas the Bitingwhip and Bondage floors are, perhaps unsurprisingly, home to the more sultry products, including exclusive shoe kits which come with exactly what the floors are named after: bondage items. Finishing off the debut offering is the Bitingwhip 397: a distinctive, sexy sandal the label calls its 'weapon of seduction', otherwise known as the Queen of the Bitingwhip floor. 

Check out the collection in the gallery above.