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AG Jeans denim SS19 collection

LA denim label AG Jeans is striving for a more sustainable future

The innovative brand has pioneered a new technology which recycles 100 per cent of all water used within its factories

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, it’s likely you’ve seen news of the mass protests radical activists Extinction Rebellion have been staging in cities around the world, as they desperately try to draw attention to what’s fast becoming a global climate crisis. Perhaps you heard teenage climate activist (and 2019 Dazed 100er) Greta Thunberg’s impassioned plea to UK Parliament, in which she implored the government to ensure the planet remains liveable for both her own and future generations. Or maybe you saw the recent BBC documentary, in which legendary naturalist David Attenborough heartbreakingly detailed the devastation humans have caused to the natural world, and attempted to rouse viewers to wake up and take action to avert the earth’s sixth mass extinction.

It goes without saying that things are not looking good right now, and, unless we make some drastic changes to the way we live – and make them fast – the future looks pretty bleak for humanity. But that’s not to say there isn’t hope.

As one of the world’s biggest polluters, a huge responsibility to turn things around lies in the hands of the fashion industry, and while the epidemic of fast fashion remains a huge problem, it seems more and more labels are waking up to the role they play in shaping our future, and taking significant steps to start doing things differently.

Leading the charge when it comes to this is eco-conscious LA-based denim label AG Jeans, which recently unveiled an innovative water filtration system in celebration of World Water Day 2019. Implemented at both its Los Angeles and Mexico factories, the new, state-of-the-art machinery will recycle 100 per cent of the water used during the manufacturing process.

“A typical denim manufacturer uses 380,000 gallons of water per day,” explains AG founder Yul Ku. “AG’s new technology will reduce our usage to just 1,200 gallons per day due to evaporation and minor spillage.” This also means that no waste water, chemicals, or dyes reach the LA sewer systems and ultimately the ocean, and, were you brave enough to pour yourself a glass, you’d even find that what’s left post-recycling process is perfectly drinkable (yes, really).

While AG will not see a return on its investment in this new technology for at least 20 years, the move demonstrates Ku’s commitment to the environment, and demonstrates changes like these are possible. By setting an example, the pioneering denim label hopes to stir change throughout the fashion industry – and beyond.

It doesn’t stop there, though. AG has also joined forces with Water For People – the international charity seeking to provide clean water and sanitation who need it most. Having kicked the partnership off with a sizeable donation, each item purchased from AG’s SS19 collection – including its special capsule designed in partnership with LA-based Swiss artist Blanda – will provide a vulnerable person with water for two weeks.

And to top it all off, single-use plastic bottles are set to be eradicated from all AG sites, including both its factories and its stores, in favour of Boxed Water is Better: the sustainably-minded, eco-conscious (surprise!) boxed water company which uses 74 per cent recycled materials to make its 100 per cent recyclable packaging, and plants two new trees every time #BetterPlanet is hashtagged on Instagram. So… what are you waiting for?