Cher’s amazing 90s workout video is a huge 2019 mood


We’re just 48 hours into the new year, but it’s likely you’ve seen posts bearing the mantra ‘New Year, New Me’ infiltrate your Instagram feed approx. 73,975 times already. And while some of us might set out to replace cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol with extortionately-priced green juice, early nights, and even earlier mornings #SMASHINGIT in the gym – with varying results – others are content with simply endeavouring to live their best life in 2019.

But what if we told you those two concepts were not mutually exclusive? Step forward: Cher.

Finding ourselves deep in a YouTube rabbit hole over the festive period, we uncovered this so-90s-it-hurts gem of an exercise video – featuring none other than the icon herself. But obviously, this being Cher, it’s no ordinary step-aerobics class.

Having greeted choreographer Dorian Sanchez by inexplicably shouting ‘Kumbaya!’ at her, Cher steps her way through the Hot Dance sequence in an all-in-one Bob Mackie look not dissimilar to the one she wore in the video for “Turn Back Time”. We’re talking sheer, skin-tight mesh. We’re talking cut-outs. We’re talking an outrageous amount of rhinestones. But then, what else was she going to wear to work out, really?  

With moves ranging from ‘the pony’ and ‘the double boxer’, to ‘the travelling pony’, despite being immaculately made-up, Cher transcends human bodily function and barely breaks a sweat, encouraging those participating along at home to ‘give it some attitude’ and reassuring everyone that, aside from anything else, “mostly we’re just going to have as much fun as we possibly can”. A mantra for the year ahead if ever we heard one.

Watch the full video above.