‘Fuckboy’ Daniel Day-Lewis is a late entry for best look of 2018

Please text me on your flip phone

Daniel Day-Lewis is old enough to be my dad, which makes him the perfect age to be my daddy. JK, guys. He’s still too young. Anyway, a series of pictures of the legendary thespian around NYC have been, justifiably, blowing up. Why? Because he’s dressed like a 28-year-old Goodhood employee who could successfully eyefuck you into buying a weed-infused candle when you don’t even smoke.

Let’s break it down. The glimpse of white t-shirt, temptingly revealed beneath the open collar of a flannel. That Carhartt jacket that perfectly straddles rugged Americana with ‘just hanging out downtown’. The beanie, rolled up – enough, but not too much. The pants that say: I have a workshop, filled with many tools, let me show them to you sometime. The singular hoop earring, a sexy cherry on the top of this seductive sundae. Readers, I’m calling it. Daniel Day-Lewis looks like a late 20s fuckboy better than a late 20s fuckboy ever could. 

Why? Because despite the fact this man is a British actor born in Kensington, England’s most expensive neighbourhood, he somehow makes this rugged Americana thing look real. Sitting on a bench, checking his flip phone (of course he has a flip phone) DDL exudes authenticity from every pore. You know he ain’t hatfishing – there’s a glorious grey mane under that woolen number. Maybe he’s preparing for his latest immersive role as “that guy who shares a bulldog with his ex who you swiped right for on Tinder”. It’s like he heard we were working on our most stylish people of the year list (and now we have to choose someone to bump off it).

The only drawback of this glorious look? The plastic water bottle. DDL, if you’re reading this – Goodhood probably has one you could cop. Also, call me.