This stray cat just stole the spotlight at a Turkish fashion show

Literally... a cat walk

Yes, you read that correctly. A cat. Walked on the catwalk. It was meta. And while it looked right at home, the stunt was actually unplanned, with the stray cat somehow finding itself on the runway in the middle of Turkish designer Ece Cavusoglu’s show by accident. 

“Everybody was in shock,” the designer said in an interview after the show. After appearing on the catwalk out of nowhere, the cat in question lay down licking itself while models walked up and down around it. 

Then, after getting tired of watching the amateurs, the fashion feline decided to sissy that walk and show the other models how you really catwalk. With its work complete, it saunters off – likely heading to the after party. The next Cat Moss (sorry) if you ask us...