Remember when Madonna (and a poodle puppy) modelled for Jean Paul Gaultier?

The designer also did his post-show interviews inside a magician’s box

A show that “starts with Edwardian looks and ends with Madonna in a wedding dress pushing a white poodle in a baby carriage” down the runway, is, as they say, a mood. But then, that’s not surprising, given there is no bigger mood than Jean Paul Gaultier in the heady midst of the 90s.

In this particular video, the legendary designer enlisted the ultimate superstar – both then and now – our lord and saviour, Ms. Madonna Ciccone to appear in his SS95 show. Making her way down the runway pushing the pram ahead of her, rumour has it that the little poodle inside – which she eventually lifts out and kisses – was a horcrux of sorts, for Lourdes Leon, who she was reportedly pregnant with at the time.

Gaultier and Madonna made each other in so many ways. She gave him international notoriety, while he gave her cone-shaped breasts, masc-daddy suits, and the ultimate material (girl) fantasy in a shade of shocking shell pink. The two finally appear, arm in arm and chatting away, as the designer appears to take his final bow. The topic of conversation? “OMG it’s so good to be us!” and “I’m so wealthy and powerful!” ...Probably.

Apparently the inspiration for this specific show was ‘the 20th century’, which is a pretty big Pinterest board of you ask me, but one Gaultier can obviously pull off. Taking his favourite silhouettes from the last 100 years, JPG amalgamated them to create a collection that could only be born of the 90s.

“There’s magic, and a touch of madness, in the spring collection from French designer Jean Paul Gaultier,” a classically over-eager 90s fashion TV presenter says as the video opens. But then, when Madonna and JPG join forces, what else were you expecting? Exactly – I rest my case.