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no agency new york ss19 show package
No Agency New York SS19 show packagePhotography Gabriette & Remy Holwick

No Agency New York got their models to shoot their models

So they could do more modelling

OK, fashion week is finally here. Starting tomorrow with NYFW; London, Milan, and Paris will quickly follow, as all your faves present their SS19 womenswear offerings.

Gearing up in New York is alternative agency No Agency New York, creating its seasonal show package. Instead of enlisting photographers like Sandy Kim, for SS19 the agency looked to its own to create the images. Enlisting new faces Gabriette and Remy Holwick to step behind the camera, the show package is a meta moment of models shooting models, so they can do more modelling. Got it?

“No Agency New York was founded to give the talent we work with opportunities to have a voice outside of modelling,” explains Alex Tsebelis, one half of the agency’s founding duo. “It didn’t seem like we needed to bring in anyone else to shoot the show package. We had a much greater opportunity – to give models full creative control over their own presentation.”

Taking over an abandoned 100-year-old convent (yes, really) the duo wanted to see their peers and friends as they know them – rather than from the perspective of a fashion photographer. “This was a chance for us all to show ourselves how we see ourselves, which is something you don’t get to do very often,” Holwick tells us. “Everyone knows who they are already,” Gabriette echoed. “We’re just there to make each other feel beautiful and give each other love.”

In fact, the entire package is a celebration of female creativity, with the styling and hair and make-up teams all led by women. As Tsebelis says: “It’s the level of creativity, informed by each person’s own energy and experiences, that make the talent we represent so exciting to work with as models.”

Continuing the in-house celebration, model May Daniels also shot images and an accompanying video that helps to spotlight the creative energy of the agency. Going forward, this is something Tsebelis wants to continue. “We’re hoping that going forward No Agency New York will be thought of as a studio for multidisciplinary artists who can develop and realise projects from ground up.”

Head to the gallery above to see the full SS19 show package.