Remember that time Lindsay Lohan became creative director of Ungaro?

So fetch

Where were you when you found out that Lindsay Lohan had been appointed creative director of Ungaro? Whether you remember or not, this video, this glorious blast from the past, will remind you. It will also remind you of the glorious design partnership between Lindsay Lohan and Estrella Arch(?); it will remind you that scandal will win out over style or substance (even though LiLo’s got all three); it will remind you that, surprisingly, that the orange and pink blouse and trou combo she sent down the runway was actually bloody stunning.

While us teeny boppers were utterly hooked by her first foray into fashion, the industry was, frankly, outraged though – as evidenced by this F-TV segment which offers an eye-rolly snapshot into the mania of French fashion meets celebrity.

“Disorganisation rules supreme backstage here at Ungaro,” presenter Jeanne Beker snarks, evidently amused at the hilarity of it all, “one of the most anticipated shows of the season.” When she finally nears a rather excited LiLo and Estrella to ask them about the show, she is met with screams and whoops where words might usually be because Lindsay is… incredibly happy.

The 00s was a deeply confusing decade of post-structuralism, where most new ideas were simply the collision of two old ideas. It was the decade in which Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl collided with Goth. It was the decade in which a techno song came out the mouth of a cartoon frog and the nation went nuts for it. But the most absurd collision of all was indeed LiLo and Ungaro. The 2010 collision which brought the decade to an orgasmic close.

Watch the clip above.