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Millie Cockton ruff photographed for Dazed March 2
Millie Cockton ruff photographed for Dazed March 2009 issue. Photography by Toyin, Styling by Robbie Spencer. Model Jethro Cave at Independent

Millie Cockton (London, UK)

Theatrically minded London Designer who crafts clothing and accessories inspired by drama and performance of a decidedly majestical nature.

Millie Cockton hasn’t even made it out of her teens, however she has successfully garnered the attention of fashion folk across the board. Her developmental pleating is a favourite at Dazed with a dramatic neck ruff featured in a menswear shoot styled by Robbie Spencer. Working with paper, inspired by the costume of royal grandeur, Cockton pleats creations into elaborate neckwear. The softer (textile) side remains true to her Shakespearian connotations, which dominate her current designs. Working with volume she creates deliciously gathered trousers in a multitude of stripes with consideration of cut that serves to propel Cockton beyond her years.
Dazed Digital: How old are you?
Millie Cockton: 19
DD: I am I right in assuming you are still studying?
Millie Cockton: Yes, well sort of! I've just finished my Foundation Year at London College of Fashion
DD: How did it go?
Millie Cockton: This year has been amazing it’s gone so quickly I can't quite believe it! Although it’s been a lot of hard work and yet so much fun I’ve met some great people along the way!
DD: Where do you want go next?
Millie Cockton: I’m currently working on my collection which I’m really excited and equally nervous about - I’m setting myself lots of challenges! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?
DD: Who do you have in mind when you design?
Millie Cockton: I don't always have a particular person in mind when I am designing but my clothes tend to be quite androgynous. I quite like the sense of ambiguity, I love the idea of having a really diverse range of people wearing my clothes and seeing how each creates their own identity from a piece.
DD: What inspires you at the moment?
Millie Cockton: I am really inspired by line and repetition and I’m obsessed with folding and pleating.
DD: Talk to us about the Ruff you designed for Dazed?
Millie Cockton: The Ruff stems from the idea of repetition and creating interesting shapes from the folds within a fold. With paper as you can create amazing structural shapes very simply, which retain a sense of fragility that makes even cheap material seem quite precious.
DD: Who are your favourite designers and why?  
Millie Cockton: Yves Saint Laurent was a genius his aesthetic was simple and very chic. I also highly regard Martin Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens and Nicolas Ghesquière (for Balenciaga).
DD: How would you describe your style?
Millie Cockton: Mish-mash! I tend to be quite scruffy which I hate, I’d like to be one of those immaculately groomed chic women – however I doubt that will ever happen, as I’m quite clumsy!
DD: Were you interested in fashion while growing up?
Millie Cockton: My Grandmother was one of those quintessentially British grandmothers who was part of the WI (Women’s Institute).  She made the most amazing jam and always had some knitting on the go or a garment to make. We used to make stuff together, or at least I’d attempt to make stuff and she would be there supervising ensuring that I didn't sew through my fingers! I suppose my interest in fashion grew from there.
DD: What was your favourite outfit from your youth?
Millie Cockton: That’s a difficult one to pin point! My mother used to dress me in some delightful frocks from Laura Ashley when I was much younger!  I loved the 90's Spice Girls look, with the platform trainers and sparkly trousers - definitely not a look I’m dying to re-create anytime soon.
DD: What are your plans for the future?
Millie Cockton: I want to carry on learning and challenging myself and having loads of fun. I've started stocking my Label Euphemia in Digitaria a new boutique, which has recently opened on Berwick St, Soho.
DD: What is your dream job?
Millie Cockton: I'd really love to work for a big design house for a while and then eventually make a success out of my own label. A very wise man once said to me "aim for the stars and you're lucky if you hit the ceiling".