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Six Instagram accounts to help with your new 00s style obsession

Get in losers, we’re going scrolling

Last week, we gave you all the life you needed, charting the moments in fashion that have led to 00s style making a triumphant return to the runway.

ICYMI, thanks to the likes of Vetements, Y/Project, Dior, and Fendi, the past few seasons of shows have seen Ugg boots, Juicy Couture tracksuits, logomania, and the Saddle bag see the light of day once more.

It’s not a fashion label, but a special shoutout should go to the OG 00s culture aficionado Pop Culture Died in 2009, who has been fuelling our tabloid obsession and reminding us of all the best moments the decade since it became a throwback (so, 2010).

But how to keep yourself satiated until September’s womenswear shows, where no doubt we will see even more 00s style moments appear? Well, you go to Instagram – duh! To save you the trouble, we rounded up six accounts that have been celebrating everything 00s since it was fetch. You’re welcome.


Dior. In the 2000s. Is there anything more iconic? While we wait for you to figure it out, peruse the account that gives you the #glamour and #opulence of Erin O’Connor as an Egyptian goddess, Couture poses on grand staircases, and the ever-divisive thin eyebrows. J’love!


While several of the 00s’ trends have recently resurfaced, there are still lots more that we lowkey wish would return (puka shell necklaces, we’re looking at you). @2000sgal is here to remind you of all the style moments you shouldn’t have ever forgotten: extremely low-riding jeans, tiny skirts (or big belts, depending on your outlook on life), and a knack for bedazzling almost any surface available.


Bratz, The Powerpuff Girls, LiLo’s mugshots, and the forever mood that is Anne Hathaway wearing a ‘FedUp’ tee in the style of FedEx’s logo – this account has it all. Maybe it was Playboy, maybe it happened accidentally, but there seems to be a recurring on-brand moment with your fave 00s babes wearing bunny ears. The next trend to return? Watch this space.


@2000s.babe is dedicated to all the heroines of the 00s – LBR, they were the ones pulling all the lewks. Pop had the likes of Xtina and Britney, movies had Lindsay Lohan and our personal faves Mary-Kate and Ashley (where was their Oscar?), and Paris Hilton was just Paris Hilton. For a bonus throwback, there are some 90s moments in there too.


What would the 00s be without mention of the ‘It’ girl, Paris Hilton? Well, here’s an account that’s completely dedicated to her. Peruse through the feed to see all of her iconic moments – including frequent cameos from pre-Keeping Up Kim and Kris Kardashian – and marvel at her ever-changing look. There’s Brunette Paris, Cornrow Paris, and her ultimate form – short-haired Paris. That’s hot. 


Do you love the 2000s asks the aptly named IG account @doyoulovethe2000s. If you’ve made it this far, we’re going to go with the answer being a resounding YES. Self-described as a “pop culture enthusiast” the founder behind the account posts everything from Sabrina the Teenage Witch (remember the time Britney made an appearance?), to Freaky Friday and the totally hot The Simple Life.