What happened when a fashion show replaced its models with drones

Twitter labelled it the ‘ghost fashion show’

Saudi Arabia is simultaneously living in the past and future. On one hand, there’s the fact that Sophia the Robot (we stan you Queen!) was made an official citizen last year, and on the other, women were only just granted the chance to get their own driving licenses last week.

Similarly, at a fashion show held this week, all the models were replaced with drones. On one hand LOL, but the reason behind it is a little less funny; women aren’t allowed to participate as models in order to uphold their modesty and make it “Ramadan appropriate.” Floating around the show space, the model-less looks were all Dolce & Gabbana – a brand that has previously employed drones to carry handbags at its AW18 show.

Without models wearing the looks, the show has quickly been branded on Twitter as the ‘ghost fashion show’. Sure, or maybe it’s just another unobtainable beauty standard. Now, even model-thin isn’t good enough, you need to have no physical body to be in fashion apparently.