Cynthia Nixon’s ‘Unqualified Lesbian’ t-shirts need to happen

Our rightful New York governor

Earlier this month, actress Cynthia Nixon AKA Sex and the City’s Miranda gave the people of New York what they deserve, announcing that she would be running for governor. A cause of celebration for all, with the exception of council speaker Christine Quinn, who said Nixon’s interest was a “flight of fancy” and branded her an “unqualified lesbian”.

Nixon addressed the comments at her campaign launch last week saying: “I don’t have my certificate from the Department of Lesbian Affairs, but in my defence, there is a lot of paperwork involved.” Now, she’s branding her #fire merch with it too.

To support the campaign, pins with the message ‘unqualified lesbian’ are now for sale on her site for $5. But the people want more, with fans asking for tees too. We say: give them what want they want, Nixon! Even without the governor announcement, people can’t get enough of Nixon and her SATC character Miranda; we like to think Governor Nixon is just Miranda’s final form. More on how it became cool to be the Miranda here

Qualified and unqualified lesbians alike (and all others), if you want to show your support for Nixon – our rightful governor – you can buy pins (and hopefully more merch soon) here.