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Romain Kremer Menswear S/S10

A futuristic masked and bare chested vision was presented as the last show of the menswear schedule.

The term ‘directional menswear’ were just about invented for Romain Kremer’s designs, and even though he had powerful adversaries on Sunday evening – extreme heat and a severely delayed schedule – he managed to captivate his audience and kept them focused to the bitter end. He did this by creating a grim and futuristic vision of a world where masks have to be constantly used for protection.
Of course, the next model wore swimming trunks – still with mask – so no one doubted that there would still a time and a place for fun in the future. And that is just what Kremer is good at; fun. At the end of a hectic week, this was just what the doctor had prescribed; shutter sunglasses, layered fabrics that was cut out to form circles, strong tones of purple and red, lighter tones of mint and white. Dazed & Confused own menswear editor Robbie Spencer stylishly put the show together, and the pair actually managed to make some of Kremer’s outlandish looks wearable – we all need swimming trunks, but let’s hope the masks will not be necessary any time soon! Dazed Digital had a quick chat with Romain after his show…
Dazed Digital: What was the idea behind the masks and body socks?
Romain Kremer: It was about exploring, but also protecting us from, the toxic world we live in.
DD: What materials did you use?
Romain Kremer: It was mostly Lycra, I often use a synthetic fabrics.
DD: Which piece is your favourite from the collection?
Romain Kremer: I really like the last look. The model wore a blue grey outfit with a mask that had a white top half and white ears attached to it!

Backstage photography by Steeve Beckouet. Film by Joost Vandebrug.

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