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Undercover turns HAL from Space Odyssey into a hype bumbag

Meanwhile, at fashion week

Oh, fashion week! Spotted so far this menswear season: Mr Blobby motifs at Liam Hodges, a cut out of Naomi Campbell at Rottingdean Bazaar, and now – a HAL 9000 bumbag at Jun Takahashi’s Undercover show at Pitti in Florence.

Yes, HAL – the chess playing AI computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) which has a mind of its own and *spoiler* tries to murder everyone. (Meanwhile, my colleagues here are Dazed are all inexplicably thrilled for Sophia the robot and her new legs. Did we learn nothing? Triggered.) 

Takahashi’s collection was presented in a two-part show along with fellow Japenese brand The Soloist, and included multiple references to Stanley Kubrick’s film; there were prints of the Discovery One spaceship and protagonist astronaut Dave Bowman, puffa jackets that looked like the movie’s famous space suits, and a lot of error messages on clothes.

Of course, we all know that bumbags slung casually over the shoulder are hashtag trending thanks to a weird collision of dadcore and streetwear. This has got to be the most unexpected take on the trend so far, though.

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