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Yu Fujiwara Paris Womenswear SS18
Yu Fujiwara Paris Womenswear SS18Photography Yu Fujiwara, @8and2

Yu Fujiwara’s latest street shots from Paris Fashion Week

The photographer turns his lens on the final week of fashion month

And just like that, it was all over. Last week, the Louis Vuitton show closed out the SS18 womenswear season, with a small army of journalists, PRs, hair stylists, photographers, make-up artists, and many more heading home as fast as they could possibly manage (your humble narrator was on the Eurostar, enjoying a small bottle of Rosé with a straw and a tube of Pringles.) Anyway, the preceding eight days saw the city’s streets taken over with people, as guests, PRs, photographers and hopefuls rubbed shoulders outside the shows.

One of those photographers was Yu Fujiwara, who has been shooting for Dazed since AW16 menswear. With his two film cameras slung across his chest, Fujiwara stands apart for his more objective portrayal of the maelstrom of fashion week – he’s more interested in people than what they are wearing. Always shooting at one step removed, his photographs provide a documentary look at the crowds and chaos – in these latest shots, two street style stars pose for an army of photographers in front of the Eiffel Tower, a woman arrives at a show with the eyes of hundreds trained in her direction, and a trio of men watch an influencer march by with curious bemusement. 

Check out the gallery above, and for more of his work visit @8and2.