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Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst for Calvin Klein UnderwearCourtesy of Calvin Klein

Kirsten Dunst tells Sofia Coppola about her first kiss

The seriously charming short film for Calvin Klein Underwear includes all the juicy details from Dunst’s first smooch

Sofia Coppola has one big film on the horizon, but in the meantime the director has managed to coax her star, The Beguiled’s Kirsten Dunst, to dish about her very first kiss in a new campaign for Calvin Klein Underwear. (It happened at the Washington Monument). The campaign lays it all bare with Lauren Hutton, Nathalie Love, Maya Hawke (daughter of Ethan), Laura Harrier, and Chase Sui Wonder (niece of Anna Sui).

The series of black-and-white vignettes are typical Coppola – gorgeous and slow, laced with intimate details. Perhaps it’s because Dunst and Coppola’s relationship stretches all the way back to 1999 – when the pair first worked together on The Virgin Suicides. Coppola said she was inspired by “the old Avedon commercials with Andie MacDowell, the 90s images of Kate Moss. I feel like those images made a big impression on me in my formative years.”

At 73 years old, Lauren Hutton is the oldest to appear in the underwear campaign. Her story, about a “corny” pick-up line that led to a drive with one suitor is the best. “I didn’t want anyone to hit on me,” she says in the clip. “There were really a lot of guys around. Suddenly there was this guy, right in front of me, hopping backwards. He’s looking up to stay in front of me, because I wasn’t stopping. He said, ‘You wanna go for a ride in my new truck?’” she says, laughing. “I mean that was the corniest pick-up line I’d ever heard in my life.”

Watch the videos below: