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PAQ dazed
Dexter, Elias, Danny, ShaquillePhotography Joshua Meeks-Rayvon

New TV show PAQ is like Top Gear for hypebeasts

Want to see what happens when you go mountain climbing in Supreme? Of course you do

What happens when you take your Supreme x North Face off-road? Can you put together a fire outfit with only £50 and an internet connection? Answering these questions and more is PAQ, a new online series created by four friends (skater Danny Lomas, aspiring musician Dexter Black, art student Shaquille Keith and model Elias Riadi) who wanted to shine a light on street fashion, style and the culture that surrounds it – all while having a little fun, naturally.

“The world of streetwear and men’s fashion can be so serious sometimes,” the boys’ producer at digital channel KYRA Sam Olanipekun comments, saying that PAQ is intended as an antidote to that. At the same time though, these are people who still love streetwear and want to give it the credit it deserves: “There is a tendency to mock and scoff at the people who are passionate about streetwear,” Sam continues, “but we just don’t get that.” PAQ member Elias agrees: “We’re here to fill the void of what mainstream media will never provide for the culture,” says Elias adding what that is – “recognition and entertainment.” 

Entertainment in this episode sees the four taking to clay pigeon shooting, horse riding, high-wire walking and even scaling a mountain one member exclaims is “two times higher than the Shard!” – all decked out in North Face, Supreme, KTZ and Air Max 95s, naturally. Think what Top Gear is to car lovers, PAQ is to streetwear hypebeasts.   

But these guys don’t live and die by the Supreme drop. In episode one, where they take part in the “Fire Fits for Fifty Quid” challenge (proving you don't have to spend a bomb on fashion to enjoy it) they turned this into literal fire, burning a Supreme branded t-shirt and giving us the satisfying line, “Rest in Peace, box logo.” These are real people, brought together by something they all live and enjoy. “Streetwear (just) provides people with a sense of belonging,” says Sam – “it’s a way for people to instantly identify with other young people.” 

Watch the first two episodes below and stay tuned for more.